Protandim, is there much to do about this product? Lots of research and studies, but is Protandim Scam real or is this product for real? I have seen a lot of companies in this industry, many in the health and wellness sector but none that has the kind of credentials that this company has. Oh, the company, the company is not named Protandim, that is the product. The company is LifeVantage and they started out as a company called LifeLine Therapeutics but later changed the name to LifeVantage. The company was started by Paul Myhill, who has an undergraduate degree in theology and a graduate degree in business. In late 2003 the company signed a deal with a company called Ceremedix for the peptide CMX-1132 which would be trade marked with the name Protandim.

Protandim Scam – Reviews the Truth behind the Hype

In 2004 Ceremedix went out of business but LifeVantage pressed on with the product. In late 2004, Dr. Joe McCord took a 10% stake in the company and began a clinical human trial on Protandim. In June of 2005 the study is accepted for publication in the journal Free Radical Biology & Medicine or FRBM. With the release of the clinical trials, TV specials were run on the company and product by ABC, the Today Show and PBS. This shot the stock value sky high but the company could not sustain this without sales. At this time the product was only sold in retail stores and did not do well.

In May of 2009, with much planning and preparation the company decided to change the distribution strategy to a Network Marketing model. Once they turned to the MLM model sales dramatically increased. Network marketing seems to be a good fit for this company and product.

Speaking of Product

Protandim has had extensive clinical research and peer reviewed studies over the last few years. Over 20 Universities have initiated various self funded medical studies on the product to see its effects on anti-aging and disease. Many have been completed and can be found on the site under the key word Protandim.

Protandim is different from other nutritional products that claim to be antioxidants, other products deliver by way of supplementation. Protandim stimulates the body’s production of its own naturally producing enzymes. With this process the body uses the enzymes to destroy free radicals which through clinical trials have proven to be the most effective means of elimination of those free radicals. This is pretty cool stuff, a bit heady for me but cool none the less. The price of the product is surprisingly low at $39 for a retail customer on auto ship.

They also have a skin care product called TrueScience which uses the anti-aging properties of Protandim. A very simple product line and what seems to be a reasonably priced as well. Ultimately, time will tell as to the success of the company and products as we find out the true benefits of the products for people. You can have all the clinical trials and publicity in the world, but if it does not help people in the long run, the company future is uncertain. Time will tell but so far, things are looking great.

So Is the Company That Great

As I look long and hard at this company is appears to be a solid company with what may be a life changing product line. This is to say the least a very interesting company. Their compensation plan is good, plenty of room for hard workers to make really big money if they know how to build a business. As a matter of fact as you really grow the business they have an elite plan that allows the best of the best to get stock options for ownership in the company. This is a pretty unique program as far as Network Marketing companies go. So, where are the holes, where is the short fall, no company is that good.

No they are not, like so many MLM Network Marketing companies this one is not much different from the rest when it comes to training for their distributors. Basic training on how to approach friends and family, no training on how to build a business, really build a business. I am not going to say anything negative about the companies training, they are not in the business of teaching you how to build a Network Marketing company, they build health and wellness products. So, is Protandim Scam closer to reality with this shortcoming? Of course not, as independent business owners it is our responsibility to learn how to build a business. The company expects us to be ready when we join their company.

So, are you ready, are you having great success with other companies you have represented in our industry? I am guessing not, you either did not do so well with another company and you are shopping for something new to try and sell, or you have found that success are ready to take on an additional product line. My guess is the first, you are here because you did not fare so well before or you are new to our industry and are looking for something new to build. Either way that is great. If Protandim and LifeVantage is right for you, the real question is, are you right for them? You are here because I learned how to find people and show them where they can find the training and tools to become successful. There is a great program out there called My Lead System Pro that will teach you anything and everything you need to know about how to market on the internet and find success for yourself. They also give you the tools to do so. Any type of marketing you can think of, they have the experts to train you, to help you become one of the best. But, don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself and take a risk free test drive for two weeks for only $9.97 money back if you do not like it! What do you have to lose? Everything, I really mean it, everything! No one finds success in this business until they master how to find other interested people who what to join your team. This business is all about building a team and training a team.

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